About Us


You are beautifully written. Each of us has a story to tell and we can express it through make-up. This is what I believe.

As a Make-Up Artist for over 20 years, my favorite part of working with clients is hearing their stories, and helping them look and feel their absolute best. Make-up can be transformational, but most of the time I love to see how it enhances your natural beauty. It’s always there, but sometimes you need a little make-up to help you see it. Make-up should be fun and experimental, while still being easy and approachable. That’s why I’ve created Preface Cosmetics™️.

First to debut is Wink Ink ™️ Liner and Lashes. I’ve heard from all of my clients
that they love the look of lashes, but they are just too difficult to do on themselves at home. Well, problem solved! From beginner to pro, Wink Ink ™️ helps you apply lashes in a snap. Just line your lids as you would any liquid liner, and apply your lashes. It’s that easy! I can’t wait to share with you more products to help you with your at home glam that makes it easy and fun!